Gideon Bible Quiz

Gideon Bible Quiz

Gideon thought he was a coward. Hiding in a winepress.

Gideon thought he was the least in his family. He thought his clan was weakest in his tribe.

But the Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and called him a, “Mighty man of fearless courage.”

It is a great encouragement for us to know that God doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves or the way others see us.

You are more than what you think of yourself or what others think of you.

Check out this video about Gideon.

Let’s see if you can score 10/10 for the Gideon Bible Quiz?

  • Question of

    Who were oppressing Israel during Gideon’s time?

    • Midianites
    • Philistines
    • Babylonians
    • Assyrians
  • Question of

    Name of Gideon’s father?

    • Joash
    • Joab
    • Joachim
    • Joatham
  • Question of

    Which tribe was Gideon from?

    • Manasseh
    • Ephraim
    • Judah
    • Benjamin
  • Question of

    What offering did Gideon prepare as an sacrifice?

    • Meat and unleavened cakes
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Wheat and barley
    • Wine and olive oil
  • Question of

    Which idol’s altar did Gideon destroy?

    • Baal
    • Dagon
    • Molech
    • Golden Calf
  • Question of

    What object did Gideon place on the threshing floor for a sign from God?

    • Fleece
    • Jar
    • Sandals
    • Coins
  • Question of

    What other name was Gideon known by?

    • Jerubbaal
    • Jeruel
    • Jered
    • Jeremoth
  • Question of

    How many men were in Gideon’s army?

    • 300
    • 330
    • 3,000
    • 3,300
  • Question of

    Name of Gideon’s servant?

    • Purah
    • Piram
    • Pul
    • Pinon
  • Question of

    How long did Israel have peace during Gideon’s lifetime?

    • 40 years
    • 35 years
    • 30 years
    • 45 years

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