Tower of Babel Bible QUIZ

Tower of Babel Bible Quiz

Let’s see how you score on this Tower of Babel Bible quiz.

  • Question of

    What does Babel mean?

    • Confusion
    • Concussion
    • Convention
    • Conviction
  • Question of

    How tall did they plan to build the tower?

    • To reach the heavens
    • To reach the moon
    • To reach the stars
    • To reach the clouds
  • Question of

    Who came down to see the city and the tower?

    • The LORD
    • The angels
    • The Holy Spirit
    • The king
  • Question of

    Why was it easy to build the tower at first?

    • All spoke one language
    • All were skilled at building
    • All contributed building materials
  • Question of

    What materials did they use to build the tower?

    • Brick and mortar
    • Stone and mortar
    • Brick and clay
    • Stone and clay
  • Question of

    In which book of the Bible do we find this story?

    • Genesis
    • Exodus
    • Leviticus
    • Numbers
  • Question of

    What did the people think the tower would protect them from?

    • Being scattered
    • Their enemies
    • Wild beasts
    • Pestilences
  • Question of

    What was God’s reaction to the tower?

    • He confused their language
    • He was pleased with the architecture
    • He sent an earthquake
    • He sent fire from heaven
  • Question of

    Why couldn’t they complete building the tower?

    • They couldn’t understand each other’s language
    • They were tired
    • They ran out of building materials
    • They didn’t have a strong foundation
  • Question of

    What happened after they couldn’t complete the tower?

    • They were scattered
    • They celebrated
    • They became mad
    • They thanked God

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