Bible Quiz: Jethro the Priest

Bible Quiz: Jethro the Priest

This Bible quiz is about a lesser-known character in the Bible: Jethro the Priest.

I can’ really give a substantial introduction to Jethro the Priest otherwise there’ll be no questions to ask 🙂

Let’s see how much you know about Jethro the Priest. Can you score 10/10 for the Bible Quiz: Jethro the Priest?

  • Question of

    Jethro was the priest of which Biblical land?

    • Midian
    • Kedar
    • Medeba
    • Kadesh
  • Question of

    Name the wife of Jethro the Priest?

    • We are not told
    • Miriam
    • Judy
    • Abigail
  • Question of

    How many daughters did Jethro have?

    • 7
    • 1
    • 3
    • 9
  • Question of

    Which daughter of Jethro the Priest is mentioned by name in the Bible?

    • Zipporah
    • Ziphion
    • Zophah
    • Zephath
  • Question of

    Who was married to the daughter of Jethro the Priest?

    • Moses
    • Joseph
    • Aaron
    • Caleb
  • Question of

    What was the occupation of Jethro the Priest’s son-in-law for 40 years?

    • Shepherd
    • Hunter
    • Farmer
    • Priest
  • Question of

    Which book of the Bible mentions Jethro the Priest?

    • Exodus
    • Genesis
    • Leviticus
    • Numbers
  • Question of

    Who below is one of Jethro the Priest’s grandson?

    • Gershom
    • Gideon
    • Gabriel
    • Goshen
  • Question of

    Who below is the other grandson of Jethro the Priest?

    • Eliezer
    • Eladah
    • Elealeh
    • Eluzai
  • Question of

    True or False: Did Jethro the Priest enter the Promised Land?

    • No
    • Yes

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