QUIZ: These Bible Questions From Jeopardy Are SO EASY!

Bible Questions from Jeopardy

These are actual Bible questions from the game show Jeopardy!

Will you find them EASY or not?

Play and find out…

  • Question of

    Cooking up a scheme Jacob says this brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man.

    • Who is Esau?
    • Who is Esek?
    • Who is Eshban?
    • Who is Eshcol?
  • Question of

    Hey this next-to-last book of the New Testament is just 25 verses long.

    • What is 3 John?
    • What is Jude?
    • What is James?
    • What is 2 John?
  • Question of

    Used to refer to the first 5 books of the Bible this Hebrew word is usually translated as law.

    • What is Torah?
    • What is Taanach?
    • What is Talmud?
    • What is Taberah?
  • Question of

    In Genesis he is sold to Pharaoh’s officer Potiphar & Mrs. P. tries to seduce him.

    • Who is Joseph?
    • Who is Jacob?
    • Who is Jonah?
    • Who is John?
  • Question of

    This woman out of whom went seven devils became a follower of Jesus & was present at his crucifixion & resurrection.

    • Who is Mary of Bethany?
    • Who is Martha of Samaria?
    • Who is Martha of Magdalene?
    • Who is Mary of Magdalene?
  • Question of

    The passage “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son” is in this book.

    • What is John?
    • What is 1 John?
    • What is 2 John?
    • What is 3 John?
  • Question of

    Psalm 147 says Praise the Lord O this city        ; Praise thy God O Zion.

    • What is Jerusalem?
    • What is Jaffa?
    • What is Jericho?
    • What is Judea?
  • Question of

    This Israelite leader’s last lines in Deuteronomy 33 predict his people’s conquest of their enemies.

    • Who is Moses?
    • Who is Aaron?
    • Who is Joshua?
    • Who is Caleb?
  • Question of

    Many find this New Testament figure foretold in Malachi: I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way.

    • Who is John the Baptist?
    • Who is Jeremiah the Prophet?
    • Who is James the Brother?
    • Who is Jude the Apostle?
  • Question of

    In the book of Matthew to calm His disciples who are on a boat during a storm Jesus does this.

    • What is “walk on water”?
    • What is “sleep in the boat”?
    • What is “rebuke the storm”?
    • What is “rebuke the disciples”?

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