Bible QUIZ: Fiery Furnace ?

Bible QUIZ: Fiery Furnace
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The Bible story of the fiery furnace is found in Daniel 3. This is a story of God’s deliverance for believers who do not compromise their beliefs even in the midst of severe persecution.

Let’s see if you can score 10/10 for the Fiery Furnace Bible Quiz!

  • Question of

    Daniel and his Hebrew friends were taken captive to which kingdom?

    • Babylon
    • Egypt
    • Philistine
    • Roman
  • Question of

    Who below is NOT a friend of Daniel?

    • Shadnego
    • Shadrach
    • Meshach
    • Abednego
  • Question of

    Which king set up the golden image?

    • Nebuchadnezzar
    • Abimelech
    • Nebuzaradan
    • Abimael
  • Question of

    Who accused the Hebrew men of not worshipping the king’s golden image?

    • Chaldeans
    • Egyptians
    • Romans
    • Philistines
  • Question of

    What did the Hebrew men believe would happen to them in the fiery furnace?

    • God would deliver them
    • God would extinguish the fires
    • God would would destroy the furnace
    • God would only let their hair burn
  • Question of

    How many times hotter was the furnace?

    • 7
    • 9
    • 5
    • 3
  • Question of

    What happened to the three Hebrew men in the furnace?

    • Nothing as God delivered them
    • They were soaking wet as God poured water to extinguish the flames
    • They didn’t have to go into the furnace as God destroyed it
    • Only their hair was singed
  • Question of

    How many men did the king see in the furnace?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 7
  • Question of

    Did the fire kill the soldiers who put the three Hebrew friends into the furnace?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    How did the king respond after the fiery furnace incident?

    • He blessed the God of the Hebrew men who had sent an angel to deliver them.
    • He cursed the Hebrew men and their God.
    • He arranged for their ashes to be collected.
    • He was sad for the Hebrew men.

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